Field Museum
Digging for shark teeth at the Field Museum in Chicago, IL.

Welcome to Fossil Beach.

Fossil Beach is a place to celebrate discovery, adventure and collecting. Engage yourself by unearthing the things that are meaningful to your life.  Here you will find that the new collections whether from millions of years ago or from last week have true meaning in our lives.

We welcome you to share with us your collections, your adventures and your causes. We hope that by creating a community of collectors that everyone can be a participate in the Fossil Beach experience.

Fossil Beach got its start from an obsession with finding unwanted treasures at beaches, rock quarries and rivers. Every trip to collect fossils, shark teeth and artifacts was an adventure which eventually developed into a lifestyle.

We are all collectors at heart. The Fossil Beach lifestyle can be found everywhere including recycled clothing  purchased at thrift stores, jewelry made from natural objects, salvaged car and boat parts that still serve their purpose.  We collect old books and artwork, we find arrowheads and driftwood in rivers and shells from nearby beaches and we do all this for fun!

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Treasures found